About Us

Our Mission: Here at Ugly Anglers our mission is both to provide affordable lures that also look great and help you catch the most fish. We were inspired to start this brand by the belief that we can push the limits of what fishing lures can be. We want to provide quality at an affordable price and be the premier fishing company for years to come.

Meet The Team!


Meet Chris, he is the guy that goes out and catches fish by the end of the day. May not be the biggest, but he'll end the day with numbers!


Meet Coleman, an asset to the team on the socials portion. This is the guy you want on your boat. Not only will he catch fish, but he'll reel in a breed you never knew existed.


Meet Jared, if you're looking to catch fish don't bring this guy on your boat. This is the guy that will turn any fishing trip into a good time though.


Meet Kolby, he is the brains behind any fishing expedition the Ugly Anglers take. He's good for a fish or two. You can really count on him to keep this group out of trouble.


Meet Evan, you may see him once or twice a year. However, when you see this guy partaking in the Ugly Anglers activities, he'll be reeling in something REAL nice.