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Ugly Crankbait

Ugly Crankbait

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The Ugly Anglers take on one of the most recognizable lures in fishing. The crankbait has been used time and time again on good and bad days but you always come back to it. The Ugly crankbait is designed to reach a depth of 8-12ft to target fish in shallow to medium shallow waters. At 4in, this crankbait comes in 10 different colors thats right 10!. These colors can be sure to match your ideal conditions to optimize your fishing experience. Work this crankbait along the bottom of rocky areas, work it along a shoreline or in open water this crankbait is very versatile. One of the favorites of the Ugly Anglers, the crankbait will guarantee you don't get shutout on a fishing trip. Perfect for anytime you want the crankbait will be attacked by largemouth and small mouth bass as well as pickerel, perch and other fish. Work this on rocky bottoms like the Ugly Anglers to catch smallmouth bass this is a premium crankbait guaranteed to upgrade any fishing trip.

Running Depth: 8-12 ft

Length: 4in

Weight: 1/2 oz

Treble Hooks: 

Swim Action:

Targeted Species: Bass, Pickerel

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