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Magic Worms Chartreuse Tip

Magic Worms Chartreuse Tip

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The pound for pound favorite bait of the Ugly Anglers. A Five Pack of our Magic worms with a chartreuse tip! The 5" worm works like magic to attract big bass, pickerel, pan fish or anything that bites! Ideal for wacky rigging and Texas rigging this versatile bait can be used in many different ways to catch any species of fish. Texas rig this soft plastic worm for a weedless lure that can be used along fallen wood, heavy weed beds or around docks. This soft plastic worm can also be used in a wacky rig style to create a better swimming action in the water that will attract fish anywhere. With five distinct colors, these worms are perfect for any conditions you like to fish in. Order the Ugly Anglers recommended green flake with a chartreuse tip to have the best day of your life or, pick your favorite color and rock with it. The Ugly Anglers love their magic worms and have had some of their best fishing days with these lures. Use the Magic Worms today and have a great day of fishing.


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