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Ugly Spinner

Ugly Spinner

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The Ugly Spinner is the Ugly Anglers take on a traditional spinnerbait. Designed to make noise and draw attention this spinnerbait is perfect for anytime of the day or year to draw attention from stubborn fish. Throw this spinnerbait in open waters, near docks, brush or wood pilings to get those fish out from their habitat. Throw any soft plastic on the back of this spinnerbait and let the fish come to you. This spinnerbait will make both stubborn and aggressive fish attack your lure with its prominent action, this spinnerbait is perfect for warm or cold conditions. With 4 distinct variations, this spinnerbait can be used in cloudy or clear water conditions overcast or clear days you will find a color to match your need. Throw this spinnerbait on your favorite casting rod for optimal use to maximize your fishing experience. 

Weight: 1/2 oz


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