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Ugly Jerkbait

Ugly Jerkbait

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The Ugly Jerk is the Ugly Anglers take on a hard body style minnow or shad lure. This 4 1/3in jerkbait is perfect to match the bait fish in any of your local lakes, ponds or other bodies of water. Its well know bass love to feed on smaller bait fish such as minnows or shad and this 4 1/3in jerkbait will mimic those bait fish to put fish in your boat. With 4 distinct variations, this jerkbait comes in different colors so you can use what best matches your local bait fish. This jerk bait is best used in shallow waters with little to no obstacles to be optimize the action of the lure. This jerkbait needs a steady retrieve and to be worked slowly along rocky areas, shorelines or other shallow waters. Fish will love the style of this jerkbait and be sure to attack it!

Length: 4 1/3 in 

Max Depth: 1-5 ft

Weight: 1/2 oz


Hook Size:

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