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Ugly Jigs

Ugly Jigs

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The Ugly Jigs are the Ugly Anglers take on one of the most prominent lures in the fishing game. Coming in at 1/3 oz, this weedless swim jig is perfect for any type of fishing. Pair it with any if your favorite soft plastic trailer and you have one of the best swim jigs in fishing. Flip this swim jig into piles of wood, grassy areas or in clear water and let the action begin. Perfect to use on any spinning or casting rod, this swim jig comes in 4 different variations with each color being just as good as the last. Black and blue, white, yellow or brown can all match or be switched for any water conditions you are facing that day. The 1/3 oz size is perfect for flipping into any space and if you can get it in there you can be sure to catch a beautiful fish. Bass love this swim jig with great action in the water fish will attack it. Order the Ugly jig today to catch your favorite species.

Weight: 1/3 oz

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