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Ugly Popper

Ugly Popper

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Topwater Bass Fun! The Ugly Popper is guaranteed to generate topwater bites. Coming in at 2 3/4in, this popper is perfect for throwing in crowded areas and working slowly to generate topwater action. Throw this popper under docks, near wood pilings, or over weed beds and let the fish come to you. Be sure to work the popper slowly walking the dog to draw the fish in. Once they hit there will be no doubt just a great time. Perfect for early morning fishing or in the evening fish won't be able to resist the action of this popper. The popper comes in a distinct blue color with a pink/red under belly sure to draw in any kind of fish. Throw it under docks, work it slowly and brace for a sure fire adrenaline rush.

Length: 2 3/4 in

Weight: 1/3 oz

Hook Size:


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